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Fantastic service! We didn't need a wedding planner with gudlite they had us ready to go for the entire wedding! Thanks so much for going above and beyond to make our day perfect! Amazing lighting and music as well!!!


17 Recruit friends

Planning a wedding can be a big challenge. Recruit trusted family and friends to assist you and assign them tasks, take them shopping to help pick items and bounce ideas off them. And don't forget to ask for your future spouses' ideas... they might surprise you!

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Specializing in weddings since 2005

Chris and Chelsea
Chris and Chelsea

Your wedding day will be one of the most important and best days of your life. This day is about you and your betrothed from the moment you wake up until the final dance! Music will play an important role in this day. From the ceremony to the dinner to the dancing, music will be played.

Song selection and timing is crucial. Knowing how to work with the timing of the processional, selecting the right songs for the dancing, working with the crowd and more all takes knowledge and skill, both of which comes with experience. We have experience.

So how can Gudlite help make your wedding day special?

Gudlite Entertainment can help you on your special day in many ways other than just providing music. We can help you select the right music for the ceremony, entrances, dances and more. Timelines can be hard to plan if you have not planned one before. We have. We can help! Grand Introductions can be more than just "Welcome Cindy". Whether you need a lot of assistance or just a little, we can help.

Every wedding should be different

Every wedding should be different, because every couple is different. Far to many DJs rely on the same routine from wedding to wedding. But every Bride and Groom have their own "signature style" so why settle for a wedding that is the same as everyone elses? Would you not prefer a wedding that matches your likes, personality and signature style?

As one of Winnipeg's premier DJ services, Gudlite Entertainment has worked hard to learn different styles and techniques from some of the best DJs and trainers in the world. All to help you have the wedding you deserve!

How important is the DJ?

The DJ should not just stand behind the mixer, spinning tunes trying to keep the dance floor hopping. They need to be technicians, planners, master of ceremonies and a whole lot more. The DJ can make or break an event. A bad DJ will drive people away and prevent them from having a good time, while a good DJ will keep your guests happy and entertained. He/she will also ensure that the night flows smoothly and on time. While there are many DJs out there, not all of them have the experience, technical skills, training, speaking skills, planning skills and everything else that goes into planning for and entertaining at weddings.

21 Invite the boy/girlfriend?

If your guest list is about to explode all over, then you may need to look at your "plus one" policy. If you need to trim the plus one for someone, make sure to seat them with people they already know or will get along with.

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We offer a wide variety of music for your ceremony. We have wireless microphones and even a lectern (aka: "podium") available if you require.

Need help?

Need help with the ceremony? No problem! We can help you and your wedding party with the timing and processional. We work with your officiant to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Be heard

We have three styles of wireless microphones for your officiate and other's who need to be heard.

Kent was amazing, no pressure full of information, so helpful and loves just to get to know who he is working with, It was a dream to have him as my dj and incredible to work with him.



Jaclyn and Joel Wedding Winnipeg Wedding Photographers Collective
Joel & Jaclyn

All too often wedding receptions are the same. The same "grand entrance", the same dinner music, the same games, the same "call table number" to the buffet, the same... you get the idea...

Why settle for the same?

We can help bring your reception to life. With a beautifully planned grand introduction, specialty lighting, personalized dinner music, games that are fun, gobo-projection, pin-spotting, up-lighting and MC services, your reception can truly be one of a kind.

Weddings are our specialty

Wedding's are our specialty. This is what we excel at, this is what we do. As such, we are extremely knowledgeable in how to prepare for them and how to make receptions fun!

Grand Introduction
Grand Introduction Script

Entertainment Planning

How can we accomplish making such unique and memorable weddings? It starts several months in advance when we start our journey together to plan a reception that is truly "you". Personalized one on one planning sessions and your very on planning portal on our website are some of our primary tools for creating memories.

To help ensure you get the best pictures possible, we work with your photographer. We may help create memories, but it is the photographer who will capture them!

Grand Introduction
Grand Introduction Script

Kent has done a fabulous job. He eased our stresses where he could help, always going above and beyond for us. He truly puts in the time and effort towards his clients, and we felt that. We would forsure recommend him to anyone needing a good DJ!


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