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More than just weddings

Weddings are not all we do!

It is true that one of our specialties are weddings, but we have expertise and equipment to do much more than just weddings. Socials, fundraisers, corporate events, holiday parties and banquets are just a few of the other services we provide.


A Manitoba tradition, the social was brought to us by Ukrainian immigrants many, many years ago. Traditionally, the event was held to help a young couple start their journey together. The community would have a "social gathering", take up collections and give the proceeds to the couple.

Socials today are put on by various groups for different reasons. The wedding social is still the most popular and is by far the most common. Socials are also held by charities, sports teams and other organizations/people needing to raise funds. Often community members will hold socials to raise funds for victims of natural disasters, accidents, medical expenses and much more.

Set up for a social
Set up for a social


Sports socials, sporting events, fashion shows, game shows, auctions and any other type of fundraiser, Gudlite Entertainment can provide top notch equipment and service to help make the event a success.

Christmas/Holiday Parties

The year is coming to an end. Colourful lights are up and there is cheer in the air. What better time to treat your employees to an amazing party that they will not soon forget. Not only is this a great way to show appreciation for all your staff and/or volunteers do, it helps build moral.

Gudlite Entertainment can provide simple DJ services, or we can even help plan the evenings festivities. Contact us now to book your holiday party!


Gudlite Entertainment offers full AV solutions for your conference. From powerful projectors, big screens, sound reinforcement and lighting, we can help make your conference a success.

Corporate Events

Whether it's a holiday party, award night, product launch or a Sunday BBQ your event is important to you and therefor it is important to us. We can provide you with a sound system for speeches, cocktail music, announcing, dancing and much more. Our lighting system can help energize the room and give the "big show" feel.

We can work with you and your representatives to help create the event you want and we will represent your organization with class and professionalism.

Video Production

We can help with your video production. From the creation to the projection on the big screen, Gudlite can assist to make your videos shine.

Bars & Nightclubs


Holding a special event? Is it tourist season and you want to show everyone a good time? Or do you just want to turn your establishment into the hottest club around for a night? Well, Gudlite Entertainment can help with that!

Gudlite Entertainment can bring the big nightclub feel to your watering hole. We will arrive to your establishment with our complete ligh show, powerhouse system and a professional DJ who will play the music your guests want to hear!

Our DJ's have experience in the night club scene. Owner/Operator Kent Gudmundson was the resident DJ at a Winnipeg roadhouse where he was essential in determining the musical format for the establishment. The result was crowds averaging 650 people or more every Friday and Saturday night.

So what does this mean? It means that Gudlite Entertainment knows how to work the crowd and what to do to make them happy. It also means that we know the "tricks of the trade" that will help maximize revenue while at the same time creating an energizing atmosphere.

Community Events

From the country fair to the block party, we can provide sound for any kind of community event. Working hard alongside you, we will help make your event a success.

Sound Reinforcement Services

Don't need a DJ? We also offer sound reinforcement services... Our system can accommodate large venues for background music, speeches or a live band. We can also incorporate our lights if required.

Only a small portion of what we do

The list above is only part of what we can do. To list everything would make, well, a very large list! Please contact us so we can discuss the details of your event.

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