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Gudlite Entertainment can help take your wedding or event to the next level with one of our many enhancements and show add-ons.

There are many ways to enhance your event. Options such as up-lighting or pin-spotting can dramatically change the look and feel of a room, a spinning wheel can add excitement to the "kissing game" or a simple lectern can help the speakers with their paper during the speeches. There is a lot you can do to enhance your event. Below are just a few things we offer, but we have the ability to get you much more! Please contact us if you are interested in something you do not see on this page.

Live Entertainment

Over the years we have worked with some amazing entertainers. From hypnotists to bands to comedians to magicians and more. If you are looking to add something different to your event, live entertainment is a great option. Please contact us for more information or check out our live entertainment options.

Kent has done a fabulous job. He eased our stresses where he could help, always going above and beyond for us. He truly puts in the time and effort towards his clients, and we felt that. We would forsure recommend him to anyone needing a good DJ!


Video Projectors/Screens

We have projectors capable of up to 7000 lumens (really bright) and screens that are 8ft x 6ft in size that can be used for front or rear projection. With this kind of projection power and size of screen you can be sure your video or presentation will be seen!

Video Production

Let Gudlite Entertainment help you produce your videos. From small to large projects, slide shows, to video backdrops, we can help you create a video that will grab the attendees attention.

Video projector, screen and production
Video and video production for an awards banquet


Probably the single most effective way to transform a room is through the use of up-lighting. We can change the color and feel of the venue. Why would you want your DJ to do the up-lighting when the venue or the decorator may already do it? Simple. Because we can control our lights. Instead of the lights staying at a set colour all night, we can program them to dance to the music, change for speeches and entrances and more!

Up-lights shining on the ceiling
Using up-lights to change the room by shining onto the ceiling
Room Up-lighting
Up-lights in an arena



Lecterns are often called podiums, but that is incorrect. Podiums are what you stand on while lecterns are used for speakers to stand at and as a rest for speaking notes. We have two lecterns to choose from: a white one and a black one. Our lecterns have adjustable height and can even have the column light up in different colours.


Pin-spotting may be a term you have not heard before. It is the process of using light to make something a focal point. For example, you may have a beautifully decorated cake, but it is off to the side. Put a pin-spot on it (a beam of light) and now it becomes a focus of attention.

Pin-spotting can also be used to "shine a light" on seating charts, guest books, desert tables, centerpieces or anything else you would like featured.

Pin-spots can be used to highlight almost anything


Much like pin-spotting, we use a light to "spot" a person, such as your MC and speakers, or an object.

Spotlight Tony Donovan Photography
Spotlight on an MC/Speaker

Gobo Projection

With gobo projection, we project words or images onto a wall, ceiling or floor. These images can be standard hearts, rings stars or they can be a custom monogram or picture.

With our two wireless gobo projectors, we can display a monogram or image almost anywhere!

Gobo projection, up-lights and under-lights
Using gobo projection, up-lights and under-lighting


Under-lighting is the process of using lights under a table or stage. This is a fantastic way to make your head table stand out! By combining up-lights and under-lights with your head table, you can completely change the look and feel of the wedding!

Other options

We have many other options available as well, from yard games to bounce houses and more. Please contact us for more information.

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