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Wedding Dances : Gudlite Entertainment

Winnipeg's Wedding DJ

Take your event to the next level

Looking to make your event even better?

Gudlite Entertianment can help take your wedding or event to the next level with one of our many enhancements and show add-ons.

There are many ways to enhance your event, from uplighting to pinspotting, we can help you change the look and feel of a room or add some excitement to your kissing game! Our enhancements offer you a way to bring your wedding, corporate event, social, Christmas party or any other event to the next level!

Live Entertianment

We work with a few different live entertainers. Interested in taking your event to the next level? Check out our live entertainment options

Video projectors/Screens

We have up to 7000 lumens (really bright) projectors and 8ft x 6ft rear and front projection screens. With this kind of projection power, you can be sure your video or presentation will be seen!

Video Production

Let Gudlite Entertainment help you produce your videos. From small to large projects, slide shows to video backdrops, we can help you create a video that will grab your attendees attention.

Screen and Projector
Producing video for an awards banquet


Probably to single most effective way to transform a room is through the use of uplighting. We can change the color and feel of the environment. Why would you want your DJ to do the uplighting when your decorator may already do it? Because we can make them dance! When you rent lights from a decoration company, they come in, set the colors and that is how they stay for the entire night.

Uplighting in an arena
Uplighting in an arena changes the whole look of the venue.

That is great for the dinner portion of the evening, but what about when the party really starts? When the DJ is in control of the uplighting magic happens. They come alive and dance to the music! No longer are the wall just one colour, but a rainbow of colours!



Often mistakenly called a podium (podiums are what you stand on), a lectern is what a speaker stands at while speaking or giving a lecture. We have two lecterns to choose from: a white one that we can even light the column of, and a black one.


Pinspotting may be a term you have not heard before. It is using light to make something a focal point. For example, you may have a beautifully decorated cake, but it is off to the side. Put a pinspot on it (a beam of light) and now it becomes the focus of attention!

Pinspotting can also be used to "shine the light" on seating charts, guest books, centerpieces and anything else you would like featured.

Pinspots lighting a wedding seating chart
Lighting seating chart
Pinspots lighting the bar
Pinspots being used to light the bar mix table
Pinspots lighting pictures
lighting pictures


Much like pinspotting, we use lights to focus a "spot" on a person, such as your MC and speakers/presenters

Spotlighting the MC
Spotlight on the MC - Tony Donovan Photography

Gobo Projection

With gobo projections, we shine words or an image on the wall, ceiling or floor. These images can be standard hearts, rings, stars or they can be a custom monogram or picture.

With our two wireless gobo projectors, we can display a monogram or image almost anywhere!

Gobo projection w/table underlighting and uplighting
Gobo w/Uplighting and underlighting