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Take Your Event to the Next Level with Live Entertainment

Want to add something special to your event? A band? Hypnotist? Comedian? Magician?

Gudlite Entertainment works with many entertainers and can help you find the one that best suites your needs. From hypnotists to magicians, we can help you find the live entertianment you are looking for.

Featured Entertainer: PTL Duo

Glen Hartley
Glen Hartley
Mark Merkoske

Performing together for over ten years, PTL Duo is sure to add excitement and class to your wedding! They can help you select just he right style of music and perform it beautifully at your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and even social!

An offshoot of the very successful Winnipeg cover band Permission to land, PTL Duo is made up of two of it's members: Glen Hartley and Mark Merkoske. They were approached to perform as a duo in a lounge setting and quickly discovered that the intimate atmosphere and the interaction with the crowd made this kind of venture very rewarding and they continued to perform as a duo as well as with Permission to Land.

Over the last ten years, Glen and Mark have expanded to include percussion. What does this mean? It means that two very talented musicians now sound like an entire band!

As PTL Duo, Glen and Mark have performed in lounges, on patios, at birthday parties, socials, after parties and of course at weddings. They play a wide variety of music, ranging from classic rock to current rock/pop and country.

PTL Duo can not only perform for your guests at the reception, they can make your ceremony sound amazing, playing prelude music, processional music, signing music, recessional music and postlude music.

Mark Merkoske

For more information, please contact us and Mark or Glen will respond with details of how they can take your wedding to the next level. You can also check them out on YouTube.

Other Entertainers

We work with many entertainers and can put you in contact with big bands, hypnotists, magicians or anything else you may be looking for. Please contact us for more information.

***NOTE*** Gudlite Entertainment does not hire entertainers nor do we directly represent entertainers. We put you in contact with entertainers and any deals or contracts are between the client and the entertainers. Gudlite does not accept any liability for entertainers, implied or otherwise.