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Fantastic service! We didn't need a wedding planner with gudlite they had us ready to go for the entire wedding! Thanks so much for going above and beyond to make our day perfect! Amazing lighting and music as well!!!


How to Find Your DJ

How to find your DJ

Planning a wedding can be both fun and difficult. With so many options out there and so much to consider, how do you prioritize what you need from what you want to what you can do without? Let's face it, when looking for your caterer, venue, photographer, videographer, entertainment, flowers, invitations, dresses, tuxedoes... and the list just keeps on going, it can be very overwhelming.

Find the right DJ for you

Gudlite Entertainment would like to help ease the stress. There are a lot of different types fo DJs out there, all with their own style. Prices can range from $600 - $5,000 for a wedding. Some DJs come prepared to play music and do basic announcing while others go out of their way to help create memories with stories and special songs. Some DJs are fantastic beat mixers and others fade in/out of songs. All of these DJs are OK, as long as they are the style of DJ you want.

How to Find Your DJ was created to help you find the right DJ for you. Not every DJ out there will be a match for you, and finding the right one is important. Remember, they will be representing you to your family and friends.

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20 Invite children?

Children at a wedding can be a touchy subject. Allow them? Don't allow them? Allow only a few? Children can add to the cost of the wedding as well as to the fun. You may want to invite only the kids you are close to, like nieces and nephews, but not everyone's kids. If you plan on an adult only wedding, then by all means put on the invitation that it is adults only. If, however, you plan to invite a few kids, but not others then it is best to leave that off the invitation. Instead, list them as one of the guests in the invitation. If you receive a response from someone who included their kids then you can then inform them that you are unable to invite everyone (and reasons why)

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