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Kent had the best personality he rolled with the punches nothing phased him. Right from the first time meeting him I knew he would be the one to help us with our wedding. You think you are going to meet just some ordinary Dj and then in walks Kent who helps with anything he can offer and with all his knowledge it was a huge help and we really did appreciate every bite of it. I have recommend him to every person I know and will continue to do so.


How to Find Your DJ

How to find your DJ

Planning a wedding can be both fun and difficult. With so many options out there and so much to consider, how do you prioritize what you need from what you want to what you can do without? Let's face it, when looking for your caterer, venue, photographer, videographer, entertainment, flowers, invitations, dresses, tuxedoes... and the list just keeps on going, it can be very overwhelming.

Find the right DJ for you

Gudlite Entertainment would like to help ease the stress. There are a lot of different types fo DJs out there, all with their own style. Prices can range from $600 - $5,000 for a wedding. Some DJs come prepared to play music and do basic announcing while others go out of their way to help create memories with stories and special songs. Some DJs are fantastic beat mixers and others fade in/out of songs. All of these DJs are OK, as long as they are the style of DJ you want.

How to Find Your DJ was created to help you find the right DJ for you. Not every DJ out there will be a match for you, and finding the right one is important. Remember, they will be representing you to your family and friends.

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