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Kent was amazing, no pressure full of information, so helpful and loves just to get to know who he is working with, It was a dream to have him as my dj and incredible to work with him.


Entertaining Wedding Receptions

Entertaining Wedding Receptions

Take your wedding reception to the next level

Planning your wedding can be a big undertaking. This booklet was designed to help you take your reception to the next level!

This e-book will help you:

  • Define the structure of a wedding reception
  • Plan your first dances
  • Suggest alternatives to the clinking of glasses
  • Ideas for releasing tables to the buffet
  • Games
  • And much more!

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4 Book vendors you are comfortable with

This one is important. Only book vendors you feel comfortable with. Remember, that photographer you hire will be bossing you around all day, telling you where to stand and how to pose so that he/she can get the best picture possible. And the DJ will be representing you the entire night. If you are not comfortable with a vendor, move on.

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