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We Can Help with the Evenings Entertainment

There is a lot that goes into a wedding reception. Timelines, entrances, dances and so much more. We can help you plan and exicute the festivities!


When is the wedding party making thier big entrance? When should the first dance be? When should we plan dinner? These are all good questions! We can help. We can sit with you and discuss how you envision your evening and help you find the best wat to exicute that vision.

Grand Introduction

Kaela and Cory's Grand Introduction
Kaela and Cory during their Grand Introduction

People always call it the "Grand Entrance", but in reality it should be called the "Grand Introduction". Why? Because this is the time to introduce you and your wedding party to all of the guests. Let's face it: not all of your guests will know who everyone is in the wedding party, so why not connect the dots? Even something as simple as:

"She has been Cindy's best friend since kindergarten, please welcome Amanda"

sounds much better than:

"Please welcome Amanda"

See the difference? The first one tells your guests why she is in your wedding party. Not just her name.

Let Us Handle The Stress

So why not let Gudlite Entertainment take on the stress for you? We can work with you to write a grand introduction, plan the dances, help with the order of speeches and so much more.

Wedding Timeline
Wedding timeline