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Lighting Can Add Class To Your Reception : Gudlite Entertainment

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Lighting is a great way to enhance your party and the venue

Dance Floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting can create an energy much like you see in night clubs and concerts. A properly programmed lightshow can truly enhance the evening.

Room Lighting

Up lights and wash lights can profoundly change the look of a room. Even a few up lights behind the head table can dramatically change how the room looks and feels.

Table Under-Lighting

This is an awesome way to make your wedding truly stand out. Using special battery powered lights, we can light up the skirting of your head table, cake table, bar or any other table you can think of!

Uplighting and Underlighting
Up-lighting with table under-lighting and a lighed lectern


Pin-spotting uses small lights to showcase something, such as a wedding cake. Multiple pin-spots can be used to light the centerpieces on the dinner tables! This is a fantastic option for silent auction prizes at socials as well.

Cake Pinspot
Pin-spot and underlight for a cake table
Pin-Spotting a Candy Bar
Pin-spotting a candy table

Gobo Projection

Gobo Projections are fun and can be either images, letters, or full words. We can shine gobo's on virtually any surface.

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