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Lakeview Gimli Resort & Gudlite Entertainment

Taking weddings to the next level together!

Is your wedding being held at Hecla Resort Gimli?

We LOVE performing there!!!

The staff at Lakeview Gimli Resort are amazing, the food is top notch and the venue is beautiful. You can get married on the beach and have an amazing reception!

With Gudlite Entertainment being New Iceland's Wedding DJ and Lakeveiew being New Iceland's wedding destination, working together was inevitable!

Save up to 15% On our DJ services when your reception is held at Lakeview Gimli

For more information or to book Gudlite Entertainment, please send us a message. To enquire about booking at Lakeview Gimli Resort, please visit to get in touch with them.

We had a last minute change of venue for our son's wedding and needed to find a DJ. Kent responded quickly and was able to accommodate us, which was a miracle on it's own. It was an outdoor event, small and intimate. Kent and his father in law came on time, they helped set up, offered advice about the wedding the procession and just went above and beyond any DJ I've encountered. The system was great and everyone was up dancing for hours. They were able to accommodate all the songs that were requested. They stayed later than we hired them for as well and they made the stress of the last minute change seem like it was nothing. We appreciated the professionalism and the kindness they brought to this special day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Wedding Reception at Lakeview Gimli Resort

Lakeview Gimli Resort does not book Gudlite Entertainment and Gudlite Entertainment does not book Lakeview Gimli Resort. Clients book each company separatly. We have a good working partnership and enjoy working together. All bookings are subject to availability.

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