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More than just a Wedding DJ

Gudlite Entertainment works with several musicians

Gudlite Entertainment is your source for live music! From duets to full out band, we can connect you with the musicians that will bring your event to the next level. Gudlite Entertainment works with many entertainers, such as hypnotists, magicians, bands, duets, string quartets and much more!
The Duet Sisters
The Duet Sisters, Laura & Livie

Laura & Livie

Imagine: The guests arrive and they are met with the sounds of two violins. The soothing music prepares them for what is to come while they are being seated. Then the music changes as the wedding party enters. With a touch of magic, the bride walks down the isle, dressed in white to her favorite song, played on these amazing strings.

Following the ceremony, your guests can be greeted with the same kind of class, as soothing music fills the hall.

Their beauty is matched only by the music that they make. Adding these girls to your ceremony and/or reception will add a touch of class!

We are the duet sisters, and come from a small country house on a road called Pineridge. As we have grown up, music has alway been apart of our lives and we hope to keep this skill forever. Albert Einstein says ' I often think in music. I live my dreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.' We are a sting duet and we enjoy entertaining special occasions. We have been playing for over 11 years and continue to practice and strive to be better. We have recently played for weddings, but are willing to play for other events as well.


If you like something a little more upbeat, then PTL Duo may be what you are looking for. Two musicians will perform classic and new songs for your guests enjoyment. Perfect for cocktail hour and dinner!

Glen of PTL
Glen Hartly of P.T.L./Time Machine

Permission to Land/Time Machine

Looking for something a little different? Want to rock it up? Then why not a live band!

Permission to Land is a Winnipeg based band that was formed in 2007. The history of the band started 3 years earlier when they performed as the house jam band at Dylan O' Connors. After performing every Monday for 3 years and going through a few member changes, they decided to take their act on the road and start performing at other venues throughout Winnipeg.

The current version of the band has performed at many of the city's top clubs, at private parties,and other various events.

The current members of the band have played with various other acts on the music scene such as G-Force, Silly Putty, Odd Squad (at Boogie Nights cabaret) Wide Open and Ragdoll as well as filling in with many other performing acts.

Permission to Land is a high energy party band that will help your event to be a success. They are always willing to take requests and aim to please.

for more information and to see pictures and upcoming shows, visit their facebook page.

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