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Our primary goal is to help you make the right choice in a DJ. That is why we offer a free, no obligation consultation. It is best that you do not hire a DJ, or any vendor for that matter, without first meeting with them. You must want to work with the DJ. He/she will be representing you all night, and you must be sure they will represent you in a way you feel comfortable.

Different DJ's have different personalities, so find a DJ with a personality you like. Different DJ's also offer different services, and have different skill-sets. By meeting with the DJ, not only do you get a feel for what he/she will be like, but they can get the required information from you to ensure that they have the services and skill-set to meet your needs.

A good DJ will help make your event amazing! That is why you need to take your time, ask questions and meet with all of your prospective DJ's.

What kind of questons should you ask? Here are five basic questions:

Are they available?
If they are not availabile, then there is no point in asking any other questions
Are they insured?
You only really care about liability insurance. And the answer had better be YES! Why? If they are not insured, then if anything happens, you could be on the hook for liability.
Is there a contract?
The contract should detail what is expected of the DJ and what the DJ expects of you
Who will be performing and can we meet them
If the person you are meeting will not be the DJ, make sure that you will be able to meet the DJ prior to your event
Will your equipment be sufficient for my venue?
You will often here that the equipment is not important, that the DJ's skill is. That is true to an extent. While a great equipment will not make a bad DJ good, bad equipment can make a great DJ sound bad! You do not need to know exactly what equipment is being used, or the wattage of the speakers, or how many decks the controller has. But you do want to ensure that if your venue holds up to 500 people, that the DJ is not showing up with a system that can only accommodate 100 people. He would have to push the system past it's limits and it will either be to quiet or distorted.
We have created an ebook that we think you you may find helpful in your search for a DJ. Please feel free to download Find a DJ

If you feel that we are not a match, or we feel that we will not be able to provide the service you require for your event, we will help you find someone who can! Again, there are many different styles of DJ's out there, and we know a lot of them! I am confident we can help you find your DJ!

We would love to get together to discuss your event with you. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call us at 204-803-8899.

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