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About Gudlite Entertainment

Kent Gudmundson - DJ
Kent Gudmundson

Owned and operated by Kent Gudmundson, Gudlite Entertainment has been producing quality, unique and entertaining wedding receptions and other events in Winnipeg and the surrounding area since 2005. Today, Gudlite Entertainment covers all of southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario.

Gudlite Entertainment has also expanded to include up lighting, under lighting, pinspotting and other atmospheric effects. Our services have expanded too. Not only do we mix music, we also help assist in the planning and execution of the reception. Our goal is to make your wedding about you. We do this by making it unique and memorable. Our services now include assistance in timelines, games, Master of Ceremonies and much, much more. Gudlite is proud to be a leader in the new generation of DJ's in Manitoba!

Gudlite Entertainment is a family run operation that consists of Kent Gudmundson as DJ, Kent's beautiful wife, Teri Gudmundson who maintains the office and accounting (she keeps Kent from spending too much money!) and John Moehring, Kent's amazing Father-In-Law who is in charge of lighting and effects. He customizes every lightshow for each event. He also helps keep Kent grounded (entertainers, you know?).

About Kent

Kent began his career in 1997 at a local roadhouse where he learned the art of mixing music, announcing and designing light shows. As the resident DJ, he was essential in determining the musical format the establishment was to take. The result: a packed house every weekend.

After the roadhouse, Kent decided to try his hand at weddings and socials. Performing at a local banquet hall, Kent was able to perfect his talent for pleasing the crowed with various styles of music.

In the Summer of 2017, the Canadian Professional DJ Association offered Kent the opportunity to hold the position of Regional Team Leader for Manitoba. Kent takes his position with the association very seriously and helps to promote ethics, education and brotherhood in the wedding DJ industry.

Kent also held the position of Vice President for the Maniotba Chapter of the Canadian DJ Association for two years from spring of 2015 to spring of 2017. During his time there, he helped create a Leadership Award for the chapter, helped with organizing a chapter AGM and brought to the leaders of the association many ideas.

Photo Credit: Tony Donovan Photography
Kent talking with a couple attending a wedding (Photo courtesy of Tony Donovan Photography)

Before his career as a DJ, Kent worked as a bartender and bar & banquet manager. In this role, he organized and set up various events such as weddings, corporate events and Christmas parties to name a few. Learning the banquet industry secrets from one of the best food and beverage directors in the field has allowed Kent to gain knowledge of all aspects of what makes a perfect event.

So what does this mean to you? Well, when you book Gudlite Entertainment, you not only get a talented and experienced DJ, you get another resource to help you with questions you may have about your event. We will assist with your questions and concerns by using our experience to ensure that your event is memorable.

And why the name Gudlite? Well, as a teenager, Kent's older brother was given the nickname Gud(Gudmundson) from his friends. Later, people began calling Kent Little Gud. Eventually, this was shortened to Gudlite. The nickname stuck and Kent began using it as his stage name. Thus, the name Gudlite Entertainment.

Proud Member of the Canadian DJ Association